27 Nov
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Impact Of Color In Interior Design

Color is the power which directly influences the soul’. Different colors generate different moods in our interiors by conveying diverse feelings such as passion, calmness, tranquility, mystery etc. With the knowledge of color theory in interior designing, one can create just the right environment, one is looking for. Color has various psychological impacts on different kinds of people. Many factors are considered before painting the interior walls such as location, function, space, area, mood, choice of the client etc. Want to play more with colors in interior & life then one must seek for Best Interior Designing Colleges in Chandigarh.

We know that people feel comfortable only with those colors that reflect their personalities. For e.g. a bold person may feel happier in red or yellow, orange colored room. However, an introvert may not feel good in a red room but might feel better in other subtle shades such as light blue or soft green or peach.

The best thing the designers can follow while selecting the right color is to paint client’s bedrooms as per the client’s personal choices but the common areas such as living area, kitchen, lobby, drawing room etc. should be painted in colors that are best suited for that area instead of following their personal choices. This is what IIFD teach students and hence known as Top Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh. However, it should be made sure that all the members feel comfortable in those surroundings. In general, following colors generate following moods in the interiors:-

Red symbolizes passion and excitement. It is also symbol for fire and danger. In interiors it can be warm and welcoming and can also make you feel energetic. It can be used in areas of family gathering such as living area. People who like red but are not too fond of its bold effect can replace it with orange. It’s ideal for kid’s room, dining area, office & living area. It symbolizes hospitality and is very friendly & adventurous.

According to color psychology, yellow is the color of joy and harmony. However, in large amounts, this color tends to create feelings of frustration and anger. Therefore it should be used carefully. It also stimulates hunger hence; many food chains such as MC Donald’s have this color in their interiors. Want To Get More inside the Colors and theories? A Best Interior Designing Course can help you out with that.

Blue is known to bring down blood pressure & heart rate. That is why it is supposed to be calming, relaxing and serene, and it is often suggested for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Green is considered the most relaxing color for the eye. Blending the refreshing nature of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow, green can be used for almost any room in the house. In the kitchens, living room, bedroom etc. Due to its calming & soothing effect it is used in hospitals & clinics.

Neutrals (black, gray, white) are basic to the designer’s tool kit. These can be used in small amounts in any area to highlight or to give depth to a design or color scheme. Indeed, some designers believe that every room needs a touch of black to build the color scheme and give it a depth.

These guidelines are a good beginning point in your search for a perfect paint color. Remember that, you are the one who has to live with your new paint color, so choose it wisely. One who wants to go to an expert level today should join #1 ranked Best Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD.