20 Dec
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How To Do Decorating With Planters

Planters are the containers used to keep plants. They come in wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. These if used in interiors, add life to the space.

As plants come in different colors and shapes, the planters are also available in various sizes and materials as per requirements. They are made of various materials like ceramic, stone, mud and clay. Putting planters in interiors is similar to landscaping in exteriors. Interior Designing students at IIFD are taught all these techniques of Modern Decoration and that makes this institute named as Best Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh.

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We can add planters to almost all the interior spaces whether its house bedroom, lobby, kitchen or office interiors. They are even used in hospitals and clinics. They are used in lounges and parlors such as spa centres and salons to give a refreshing look to the interiors. Almost all the food joints and big hotels and restaurants use these planters to give a soothing and refreshing environment. Best Interior Designing colleges in Chandigarh are also trying to get this approach in their academics. They are often placed near the entrance gates or foyers to give a welcoming feel to the visitors.

These can act as fillers to fix dead spaces in interiors like corners of a lobby area or end of an aisle in hotels. We can also decorate our balconies with various planters in different pretty colors. They even come in small bowl shaped pots for hanging in the balcony. Blooming flowers look so pleasing in these planters.

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Size matters as we can put a large sized bush to cover up a messy design or a spot on a wall. Planters have other benefits as well .They help us to put up plants in an organised manner and also these plants give out oxygen which adds to our health benefits . Learn it today by raising your hand toward Best Interior Designing Courses in Chandigarh offered with 100% placements by IIFD. Bloom up your house interiors with these beautiful planters to give a serene and spring feel to your interiors. As Christmas is round the corner, you can put up these planters along with a large Christmas tree in the centre to decorate your interior space.