27 Nov
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Daylight in Interiors Designing Chandigarh

Daylight or natural light from the sun is one of the most important aspects of interior designing. It not only saves energy & expensive electricity bills but also improves our health conditions. In this article we will describe some of the methods which can be used in our design for incorporating daylight in interiors. The Romans use daylight as a material just like we use stone & bricks in building construction, to define and enhance space. In Pompeii, central courtyards are used for daylight and fresh air in the house, so light becomes internal and no longer focused to the periphery. It becomes a special thing the owner of the house shares with the guests, just like a piece of furniture. Nice Concepts of Lights in Interior Designing can be learned by joining the Top Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh such as Indian Institute of Fashion & Design.

In India, we also design central courtyards in the house from where sunlight and air can enter the interiors of house. This practice is done in many parts of India like old havelis of Punjab and traditional houses of Kerala.

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There are many methods of incorporating daylight in interiors other than making central courtyards, Clerestory window is one of them. Clerestory windows are the series of windows placed above the lintel level and below the roof line of the house. IIFD Chandigarh is offering the best Interior Designing Courses for students in Chandigarh. Techniques like these are commonly seen in large buildings like a gymnasium or train station, the windows are positioned in such a way that illuminates the entire interior space. According to the famous architect Wright, the clerestory window “serves as a lantern” to the house.

Another method can be ‘Skylight’. Skylights are the windows installed on the roof for letting daylight inside the interior spaces. These are very useful in places where we need large amount of natural light during day time or the places where windows cannot be made on the interior walls. Skylights are seen in shopping malls and office buildings.

Solarium can be built in places where climate is very cold and we see sun once in a while. It is a room made up entirely of glass with glass walls and glass roof. This is done in order to absorb heat from sun rays so that we can sit and relax in a cool winter morning. Boost your Interior designing skills today by joining India’s #1 ranked Best Interior Designing College in Chandigarh.